Without question, Yoga should be a part of every person’s life. Yoga is that “missing link” that we so often seek when we feel disconnected. Yoga is the light that fills the big hole in our heart. It unites our consciousness with the great and mysterieous Cosmic Energy and it allows us to be one with the Universe. Yoga purifies, cleanses, relaxes and provides us with vibrant health. It truly unifies our mind, body and spirit, and what can be better than being aligned with you thoughts, in-tune with your vessel and in harmony with your soul?

For all of those reasons I’ve been working towards making daily Yoga practice a life long habit.

It’s hard to be consistent, at least for me it is, yoga hasn’t become a daily habit yet. I am still working at at. The process is sometimes slow and I constantly have to remind myself that things take time, but some times that’s just part of the experience.

The types of Yoga that I practice are Jnana Yoga (the yoga of knowledge through study and meditation), Hatha Yoga (the yoga of bodily mastery through the practice of postures and breathing), and Raja Yoga (the yoga of mental mastery through meditation).

In this site I share my experiences with Yoga, how to practice different types of it and offer tips on how to incorporate it into daily life.

Do you practice Yoga?

Whether you do or you don’t I invite you to read some of my adventures:

Prana: Life Energy
Sun Salutations challenge
A simple way to Meditate

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