Monday Motivation: get out of your own way

Our expectations of someone will either lift them up or bring them way down.

Our own inner expectations of ourselves can do the same. If you’re lucky, or diligent enough, your self-talk is positive, uplifting, nurturing. If you were brought up by nagging parents, there’s a possibility you excessively nag yourself too. If your early nurturers berated you, made you feel less than, you could be continuing their early work in your current programing. 

When was the last time that you defragmented yourself?

If you’ve ever owned a PC, you might have had to defragment it at some point. Files eventually became stored everywhere so defragmenting organized things and speed the computer up—the PC worked more effectively after the defragmenting period (which could take as much as three to five hours). That’s what writing and meditation does for the human brain, but defragmenting a human brain is a much longer process. So, throughout that time, a life-roadmap helps.…